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The first step in a two part thesis year, was the research. Our project was to be aimed towards the research and growth of Coral Reefs. The Seminar Semester was directed towards creating a home for coral to build but to stretch the understanding of how coral lives and the relationship between natural and human characteristics. Sacred geometry was the link between the two mediums. The basic form started with a triangle and a mathematical proportion of differentiating sizes. This shape then was mirrored multiple times to create a star like shape. 


Once the 2D shape was created, a conceptual space was then created by extruding corners of the star at different levels. These levels respond to the depths of the ocean having the top float above the water and the bottom being anchored to the floor. 

These spaces then became about exploring the verticality of space rather than horizontal growth, which is the most common way of coral expansion. This "Coral Forest" now is about how coral can grow in different depths while creating an experience for the human scale. Not only can this research benefit the future of coral but can also increase the interest of coral in human activity creating a landmark for scuba divers to go to. 

These coral forest members adjust to the sea level having the top member float on top of the water, becoming a land mark for scuba divers and safety marker for boat travelers. the different heights allow for exploration of spacial qualities for marine and human life. 

Schematic Design Diagram.


Vesalius, a place where people can take a 7 minute boat ride out into the ocean right off the coast of Angel Key. This is a nature retreat where guests can come on their boats for a day, a weekend, even a week. The structure  consists of a 3 story hotel with 25 rooms per floor. The bottom level has program containing restaurants, lounges, bars, and water sports. Kayaking, jet skiing and scuba diving are all available. There is a centralized museum of the natural world that goes through atmospheric damage, de-forestation, and coral bleaching, The intent is to give viewers knowledge on their vacation about the world we enjoy. Their is an underwater restaurant engulfed by a cave of coral for viewing pleasure. The lower levels are science research labs to develop coral growth. Below the surface there is a coral exhibit for scuba divers and marine life, an on going experiment on natural lighting vs artificial lighting for coral, exploring the verticality of growth vs horizontality.  The building is supplied by natural energy through water turbines at the bottom that are pushed by the strong current of the trench it sits on.

The intent of the project is to subconsciously through architecture, bring awareness and care for the natural world, show people how to live with nature, not against it. The design was inspired by sacred geometry, not just the structure but how it functions, each part is a part of another to make a whole, its non natural existence provides a natural feel, and natural resources to a natural world.

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