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The most important part of the work is the beginning

Architectural Design

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Graphic Design 



We had the good fortune of connecting with Mark Camero and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Mark, why did you pursue a creative career?
Ever since I was young I would always build my own city with my Lego set. I would always try and create the most unique designs the Lego’s allowed me to make. Fast forward a couple years and I always found myself asking for pencils and sketchbooks to design everything from new sneakers to stadiums and arenas. It wasn’t till high school where I went to a technical school when I had to choose a “profession”. Here is where I chose architectural drafting, it was....

Designers of America

Mark Camero is a Miami born and raised master graduate from Florida International University on the path to licensure in the state of Florida. He has experience in almost all categories of architecture but is most fond of residential design. At this current time in his career, he specializes in interior home renovations such as bathroom and kitchen remodeling. He provides accurate dimensions/floor plans and photorealistic renderings for an under market price and puts his modern simple yet elegant taste in every design he partakes...

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