"The most important part of the work is the beginning

- Aristotle

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Simplistic designs derived from complex thoughts.


Logos, Flyers, Business cards and more.


Images from the eyes of the shooter.


My name is Mark Camero, A designer of simplistic things that derives from a complex thought. I love anything that has to do with creating. Im fascinated with other ways of thinking, which is why I love to travel and to take photographs. It allows me to see how other people live and capture the moment. I'm born and raised in Miami FL, with a Masters degree in Architecture from Florida International University. I design buildings, furniture, and even logos for local businesses. Click here to read more about my services. 



This is the CameroAnthony logo. It represents everything that I am as a designer in any medium. Its a creation of Sacred Geometry.  A form created by a manipulation and repetition of one gesture to make something completely new. Sacred Geometry is in everything that exists in the universe, it is in everything we create and everything we are. A simplistic logo with a complex meaning. Just like the person I am, just like the things I create.