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The city of Allapattah started as a refuge area for under paid workers and immagrants to reside and have a place to live, since then, the city has been known for its dangerous parts, unkept Architecture and poor living conditions. In a world where resources are finite, why cut down more trees to build new when you can replenish already built land that is being misused. The Allapattah project is one where we avoid gentrification and re build the area. With its huge amounts of open abandoned land, there are opportunities for temporary relocation homes while blocks, roads, and buildings can be rebuilt. The key in this scenario is time and money, The solution, is 3D printing. Through new methods of 3D printing an entire neighborhood can be rebuilt with cost effective construction and an upper class aesthetic. Low income neighborhoods do not need to be run down and dangerous. Architecture should not be only beautiful if there is tons of money involved. Re-think design then rebuild.

3d printing architectural design
map of allapattah
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