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Wynwood Views

A seamless experience

Wynwood is a place of diversity and unity all in the same. It is one of the first places in Miami that gears away from the typical un-realistic club scene that Miami is portrayed as. Wynwood brings together people of all styles to celebrate self expression and uniqueness through mediums of art. The Wynwood art ties together what would normally be seen as unpleasant warehouses and parking lots into an interesting walkway that hides Architecture, making the spaces in between visible. 

The overall plan for Wynwood Views is to create a structure that ties in all of its surroundings, mutating Architecture to blend, allowing easy access from multiple buildings and have the design extend into the areas around it. The Building connects with the surrounding convention center through rooftop and ground access. the plaza is an extension of the buildings trajectories and continues the same language tying in the unified space through ground paths and a directional language. . 

architecture design in wynwood
diagram of wynwood architectural deisgn




convention center design in wynwood
rooftop bar design in wynwood
rooftop bar/lounge in wynwood
rooftop pool in wynwood
wynwood architectural rendering
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