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Mark Anthony Camero

Architectural & Graphic Designer

My name is Mark Anthony Camero and I am the creator of Camero Anthony Designs, which is a creative design studio that offers both Graphic Design and Architectural type services including but not limited to: Logos, business cards, flyers, advertisements, floor plans, elevations, 3D modeling, photo realistic renderings, and cost estimates for interior / exterior renovation work. 

Camero Anthony Designs is a one stop shop for everything design. With a Masters degree in Architecture plus 8+ years in the design industry, I can offer you three things: Quality, Creativity and Affective Communication. These three things I have found to be essential for a successful relationship between designer and client. 

Over the course of CameroAnthony Designs Life, It has been the reason for multiple renovated kitchens, Brand new bathrooms, efficiently modeled backyards and not to mention a portfolio full of logo designs that kickstarted a new business venture for many people. CameroAnthony Designs strives to create a easy and seamless transition from start to finished product, bringing whats in your head to a complete visual. 

Contact CameroAnthony Designs for your next venture wether it be Graphic Design or Architecture, You are covered! CameroAnthony Designs guarantees a simple, creative, and time efficient project delivery every-time. 

Our Services

Welcome to our Services section. Here at CameroAnthony Designs, we offer a wide range of services to meet your design needs. From Graphic Design to Architectural Design, we have you covered. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering high-quality designs that exceed your expectations. Explore our services below to learn more.

Architectural Design

Lets get started on redesigning the interior space you imagined! CameroAnthony prides its self on creating a seamless and easy process through an already difficult experience. The following steps are provided for a general knowledge of what to expect. 

STEP 1. Contact us for our services via the contact tab, email: or directly to (954) 647-7517 to discuss your ideas and future renovations. 

STEP 2. After we've discussed your desired renovation, we will obtain the city drawings of your project and detailed photos for the remodeling process. 

Graphic Design

Starting a new business? or just simply want to rebrand your existing business? CameroAnthony is confident that we can get you started on the right foot. anything graphic design is available here, all you have to do is ask! The following steps are a general process for creating a business logo. Same steps apply for Business cards, flyers ext.  

STEP 1. Contact us for our services via the contact tab above, email: or directly to (954) 647-7517 to discuss your ideas and business goals. 

STEP 2. After we've discussed your ideas, you will send an email to of all details and ideas you have including but not limited to: colors, fonts, examples, likes and dislikes. (The more we know about your taste the easier we can create something you love!)

STEP 3. Floors plans with dimensions and a preliminary 3D model will be provided for your approval of the initial design.

STEP 4. Materials, colors and details will then be added to the model and then you will be provided with a photo realistic rendering of your desired space. 

STEP 3. Within a weeks time you will receive your first logo rendition for feedback and adjustments. (This process can be repeated up the three times with no additional charge.) 

STEP 4. You like our design and approve the logo! We send you all files possibly needed for any future business acquisition (JPEG, PDF, PNG, PSD, AI ) 

STEP 5. You will be provided with a spec sheet of all materials and items used in the rendering for easy purchasing. 

STEP 5. Business packages are available, combinations of: Business cards, logos, websites and flyers. Prices may vary due to project size and information. 

PRICING. Price starts at $500 and varies based on which services you want to include and the size of the renovation project. Half the cost is due up front and the other half due after you receive your files. 

PRICING. Price starts at $200 and varies based on which services you want to include. Half payment is due upfront and the other half due after you receive your files.  

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